Our History


Aegean Cargo Management (ACM) was established in 2001 by Konstantinos Agapitos – of the Agapitos Family, a well-known family in the shipping industry worldwide (please find a short history of the Agapitos Group of Companies here).

Back then, Mr. Agapitos decided to man his new office with trusted and experienced former staff but also hiring new experts in the field. Ro/Ro vessels – AEGEAN STAR and AEGEAN PEARL – were the first two acquisitions which, after significant upgrading works, were engaged in the Piraeus-Crete route.

By 2008, the Fleet grew to 7 Ro/Ros with ACM becoming one of the major independent Ro/Ro operators in the Mediterranean/Europe area. They were entered with the American Club for P&I risks since 2003.

For a short time, in addition to the Med/Europe trading, ACM was involved in international trade.

During this time, the Company established a brand name, becoming a major player in this market. Partnerships were forged with European Governments (British, Dutch and French, as well as with the American Ministry of Defense i.e Military Sea Lift Command-MSC).

In addition, the company had its vessels on long term charters on demanding trades with no or insignificant claims.

Following the market crash in 2010, there was a severe impact on the Ro/Ro trade around the world. That happened because of the fact that Ro/Ros were used to transport private cars, containers and trailers. Due to the financial crisis that followed after 2010, the transport of private cars became practically non-existent. Transport by containers also diminished, coupled by the fact that more were now carried on container vessels. In addition, the traditional routes of Ro/Ro vessels to Libya and Syria stopped due to the local crisis affecting these countries.

Aegean Cargo Management embraced all these changes and managed not only to survive those difficult situations but also to be prepared to plan a further development in the industry. Today the current Fleet consists of the Ro/Ro vessel AYSHE, with the intention to remain always a powerful player in the specific market of the Mediterranean by operating Ro/Ro vessels in the most promising way, plus with the dynamic aim to enter the bulk sector by acquiring 2 hand size bulkers in a short-term period of time. Well, as history shows, best companies challenge themselves by adapting – and finally succeed every single time!